So Here We Go…

It\’s been quite a while since I\’ve actively posted here…but that\’s about to change. For the past few weeks, inside I\’ve once again been feeling the urge to put my thoughts down but just didn\’t know what to say (read as write).

\"Highway\"Online marketing has been a goal of mine for several years and I\’ve had mixed results with the outcome. True, I\’ve made a few dollars over the years, but never a consistent stream.

Well, it\’s time to put that in the past and move forward with a plan to generate $10 a day to start.

I don\’t fully have that worked out yet, but as the plan comes together, I\’ll share what I\’ve learned, what\’s worked, what hasn\’t. This part of the journey starts now with this post. Come along…

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Reg Ervin

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