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If you’re looking for an easy start to affiliate marketing, then you’ll want to check out my review of Covert Commissions…

Have you ever tried to get started in affiliate marketing but got lost in what to do? Think about it… You have to build a site, choose a product, build a list, and mail to it. You also have to build a site, create graphics and a sales page among other things. Does it have to be this hard?


Covert Commissions to the rescue! This package simplifies the process of getting started for the newbie or advanced user as well.

Covert Commissions

The Benefits

With Covert Commissions, all of these things are taken care of for you. The sales page, the free gift for attracting customers, the graphics, are all done and ready to go. After signing up, you’ll have access to products that you can choose to promote by redeeming them with the credits that you purchase. Since the hard part is already done, you now only have to concentrate on one thing and that’s driving traffic to the offer(s).

The Drawbacks

There are two things that could be called drawbacks but are easily overcome:

  1. Generating traffic
  2. Building your email list

Overcoming the challenge to generate traffic is easily overcome by learning traffic generation methods that are taught within the member’s area. There are several training videos teaching ways of getting traffic to your offers.

As far as building your email list, Covert Commissions has you covered. You don’t have to build a list as it is a part of the done-for-you feature of the system. By sending customers to the offers, when they sign up, they are added to an email list that is maintained for you. Over time, they are continually emailed with offers with your links embedded. And when you are ready, you can upgrade your membership and have the addresses added to your own autoresponder.

From this, at this point, you should see that Covert Commissions is indeed a done-for-you system that can ease the pain of starting affiliate marketing.

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