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Covert Commissions – Review

If you're looking for an easy start to affiliate marketing, then you'll want to check out my review of Covert Commissions... Have you ever tried to get started in affiliate marketing but got lost in what to do? Think about it... You have to build a site, choose a product, build a list, and mail to it. You also have to build a site, create graphics and a sales page among other things. Does it have to be this hard? Covert Commissions to the rescue! This package simplifies the process of getting started for the newbie or advanced user as well. […]

HypeSprout – Review

This Is My Personal Review of the Hype Sprout Software Have you tried Hype Sprout yet? If not, perhaps it's time you did. Get HypeSprout Here Hype Sprout is a cloud-based software that helps you generate leads via your social media accounts by encouraging your followers to share your content. When your content is shared, you are getting the best type of lead generation because it is done by people that can provide you with word of mouth referrals. These referrals have the highest credibility for the come from those who know you. In fact, this software is what it means […]

WP GDPR – Review

If you have a website, particularly a WordPress site, then you are probably like me, wondering what the new GDPR regulations mean for you.

Digital Product Machine Review – Why You Want This

Still Haven't Created That...E-book? Video?Have you wanted to create a digital product but wasn't sure how to get it done? Then you need Digital Product Machine.This product will give you the steps you need to bring it to fruition. The steps in it are the ones that helped me create my very own first product and get it in the marketplace. Alex covers niche and product selection through to the launch and creation of the machine (you'll learn exactly what a machine is). Based on the things taught in this product I created my first product and offer it on […]

Marketing With Alex Live Review

If you're ready to succeed online then you really don't want to miss this. When I first started listening and following Alex's programs just over a year ago, I had been struggling to get started online for quite a while... years even. Despite all the time I had invested, i wasn't getting anywhere. As I listened to and applied his instructions just like many before me, I started to make progress. And then this came along...