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22 Social Review – It’s Changing Everything

If we had this conversation a year ago, I would have said I was out of my mind... I'm moving my business website to Facebook. Whoa, what? Yeah, you read it right... I will be moving it to Facebook and I'm excited. Here's why...

How I Rewrite Articles For Multiple Sites

I don't know about you, but although I like to write, I don't like trying to write unique articles for the exact same thing to go on different sites. Do you?

The 10K Challenge Review – Why It Changed My Online Business

The 10K Challenge Review is for those individual who have all but given their lives to building their online business. It for people who are spending 8, 9, 12 hours a day working to get their product or service before the browsing public. Wasn't the goal to build an online business and fire your boss and work at your leisure and only when you wanted? When did it become this all consuming venture that sucks up time like a vacuum?