I Want To Make My Living Online

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18 Responses to “I Want To Make My Living Online”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Reg,

    Good to see you making the switch. Many of us get trapped in the vicious WSO cycle of doom. Time for a change!!!!! I book marked your site and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! Keep it going!

  2. Oh, I’m right there with you! SOS – IO has taken over so many of our lives. When you look at the list of products I’ve purchased from Warrior Forum or JVZoo, it’s a wonder I have any money left!

    Hang in there! You’re gonna make it!

  3. Hi Reg, Great first post, and I so hear you with the WSO’s! I found Alex’s comment “Just in time, not just in case” hit me like a brick lol – I was addicted to WSO’s! Good luck moving forward and I look forward to reading all about your experiences.

  4. natas says:

    Reg, what an honest and heartfelt post. I can feel your frustrations, as I have been in your shoes as well. Bills or autoresponder? Pfff, yes I know about that. It sucks!
    I hope you will find what you are looking for. It seems that the guys who do launch after launch have no idea, or forgotten about, what it’s like for the people that are either just starting out, or not succeeding just yet. There are so many crappy wso’s out there, but hey! you never know if that missing piece of info you need to finally succeed, is in there!
    Well no more!
    I am joining you in your journey! I will take the U-turn with ya! Keep us posted!

  5. Paul Flood says:

    Hey Reg,

    Your post hit home. Paying to send others to grand events
    is a perspective I hadn’t thought of before but it’s quite true.


  6. Joanne says:

    Reg, you hit the nail on the head to how so many of us feel. I too have so much “just in case” around me…lol

    But my frustrations are what have continually inspired me to keep moving forward too! We WILL succeed!! One day soon we will be looking back to these days and smile, because it’s this journey that helped shape us to what we will become 🙂

    • Reg E. says:

      Thank you Joanne. Some would say instead of hitting the nail on the head, I got hit instead – :o) . Know that your journey is not a solo one; there are many walking with you.

  7. Francis says:

    Good luck Reg.
    Congratulations for making this decision. As you said, if they did and are still doing it, we can too. Let’s make it together.

  8. Kev Webster says:

    Reg, what can I say that others have not already said..heartfelt and inspiring. When I read your tagline ‘online on purpose’ I smiled. A part of me was jealous that you came up with that ‘smiles’.

    You have found your mojo and I’m sure that all your passion and purpose will be the recipe for your success.
    If you need any help with anything that I’m competent with..get in touch.

    ‘Be good to people on your way up because you never know if you will meet them again on your way down’


    • Reg E. says:

      Kev – thanks bunches! The drive is certainly there, but the support persons like yourself offer can make the journey a lot easier.

  9. Gerald says:

    Hi Reg, thanks for the honest post. I have personally had many of the same challenges, shiny object syndrome,information overload,etc. In fact my latest blog post talks about this and how I have reached my u-turn.
    All the best,

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