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It Takes More Than Thinking And Wishing

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So here we are 6 months into the year and what’s changed? Closer to a six-figure income? Calls and leads just rolling in? Facebook fan page just blowing up like crazy?

Finding Balance

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It’s so much clearer now. Since just before the start of the new year I struggled with balancing my time with my offline and online business. And I’ve finally figured it out…
Direction Arrows

If It Wasn’t This…

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While out grocery shopping earlier this week, I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a while. As I had stopped to get a quick snack and she was eating, I decided to stop and catch up. I inquired about what was going on with her and her answer just flat-out stunned me.

So That’s Really All There Is To It?

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I really like Internet marketing! I find all forms of it fascinating; I don’t care if it’s CPA, Affiliate, etc., to me it’s just fun. But that can be a problem of sorts when you lose focus on what’s important. Here’s what I mean… Let’s tell a story of two marketers…

Let’s Start Mining The Gold

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In my earlier post, I indicated I had found gold on my harddrive in the form of all the shiny objects I have purchased over time. These pieces of gold include pretty much everything I need to create a profitable campaign with the exception of one thing…