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The Week 3 Quick Start Challenge

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As week 3 ends, I can see something that has to be corrected in order to move forward and succeed. The efforts from the previous week to get traffic to the blog is starting to get a small toehold. But still, there’s one thing missing…

The Week 2 Quick Start Challenge

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Week 2 of the challenge is done and I must say it was a first. I did my first on-camera video and must say it won’t go viral for any good reasons… ;o) In order to grow a business many times, it requires you to do things that aren’t comfortable. By stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone you can grow as an individual as well in your business. Would be comfortable posting a video online? What would you be uncomfortable doing? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your challenges…
Time To Get Going...Again

Time To Get Going…Again

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The past few months have been rough… at least from a hosting standpoint. For the past 4 months my sites have essentially been offline; I actually had less than 90% uptime. But that’s over. To get back into the swing of things I started The Quick Start Challenge today. The initial session was about 2 hours but Dean Holland covered some very key points that will contribute to successfully completing the challenge. All I can say is ‘bring it on’… Do you set challenges for yourself? Which one are you currently working on? Let me know in the comments and […]

Tomorrow Is Almost Here

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Tomorrow is almost here and you should be excited. Why? Take a look…

It Takes More Than Thinking And Wishing

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So here we are 6 months into the year and what’s changed? Closer to a six-figure income? Calls and leads just rolling in? Facebook fan page just blowing up like crazy?
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