Where Did The Day Go?

Let\’s take a look

Here it 12 hours later and what did I accomplish today? Actually, very little. Today was one of those days when life happens.

While dealing with life happening though, I did get a chance to reflect on a few things. One of the main things is, what do I want to do?

You see, I love Internet marketing. When I think of the various ways to create an income, I find so many of thing so exciting. Think about it. There\’s CPA, affiliate, membership sites, domain flipping (the one thing that doesn\’t do anything for me) and on and on.

What to do…

But to build a successful building, it will require doing one thing, bring one thing to fruition. Without a clear objective how can you achieve anything? So all day I\’ve pondered this and I think I\’ve decided. It\’s going to be…

A membership site

One reason for that is there is the possibility of ongoing residual income. Although I enjoy the other forms, each of them requires that you are constantly looking for your next customer to keep your production numbers up. Membership sites can make that a little easier. Instead of having to find X number of clients to sell your product for a certain income, you will receive recurring income from those who remained subscribed in short.

We\’ll discuss this more as we go along. Ok, let\’s call it a night…

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Reg Ervin

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