Finding Balance

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It\’s so much clearer now. Since just before the start of the new year I struggled with balancing my time with my offline and online business. And I\’ve finally figured it out…

For myself anyway… As I\’ve mentioned before, I really love Internet marketing. I find the entire process to be exciting and the opportunity to be so varied. But therein lies my problem.

I finally realized that I have to divorce the two in my mind. Whereas many people are working a regular job and building their online business at night, I earn by providing offline service to businesses which are the equivalent of \’my job\’. Although they are both kinda under the same umbrella, for me I\’ve got to separate the two and build them separately.

So where I\’m providing for my present needs with offline, I\’m working for the future online, at least for now. Over time as the business grows and I can outsource more of the task, then I can start to bring them back to together.

What about you? How do you balance both worlds? I\’d love to read your solutions in the comments.

Instant Access to PDF: Just Subscribe!

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Reg Ervin

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