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While out grocery shopping earlier this week, I ran into an acquaintance I hadn\’t seen in a while. As I had stopped to get a quick snack and she was eating, I decided to stop and catch up. I inquired about what was going on with her and her answer just flat-out stunned me.

She told me she was okay, just tired, working 3 jobs. Whoa! What? 3 jobs? No wonder some people can\’t find jobs… she\’s got half of them (along with another acquaintance we both know who has 2).

So I asked her what I always ask people with multiple jobs: \”You know three jobs was meant for 3 people don\’t you? To me, that\’s just insane. How do you wake up on Monday morning and face not just one job but 3? I had trouble with one.

Just to be clear there\’s absolutely nothing wrong with having multiple jobs; in fact, in this economy for many people, this is a necessity. My point was as we discussed had she considered any alternatives. We discussed at length what her passions were, what would get her excited. As we wrapped up, she was left with some other ideas that centered around those discovered passions that could potentially help get rid of at least one of the jobs.

That also really got me thinking. If I couldn\’t do what I do now, what would I want to do? If it wasn\’t this, even with all the lean months and uncertainty, what would I want to do? You know what? I couldn\’t think of anything, at least anything that qualified as a job.

We as Internet marketers are so fortunate. I look at all of the different avenues we have online to make money. In fact, all those avenues are part of the reason for this blog. Think about all the \’shiny objects\’ we\’ve had to break away from.

So, if I had to work a job, it would be that job AND one of those shiny objects. Not a job and a job and a job…. With a job and a shiny object plus focus and action, the stage is set for success. I would keep in mind the words of probably my favorite business mentor, Jim Rohn: \”Profits are better than wages\”.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments.

Instant Access to PDF: Just Subscribe!

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