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The Week 2 Quick Start Challenge

Week 2 of the challenge is done and I must say it was a first. I did my first on-camera video and must say it won't go viral for any good reasons... ;o)
Take a look here:

In order to grow a business many times, it requires you to do things that aren't comfortable. By stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone you can grow as an individual as well in your business.

Would be comfortable posting a video online? What would you be uncomfortable doing? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your challenges...

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2 Responses to “The Week 2 Quick Start Challenge”

  1. Hey Reg,

    I read some of your posts and you’ve walked a long road to this point so well done for sticking it out and not giving up!

    I encourage you to continue with these challenges that you’ve started and continue to document them here. The world needs to see real people push through to success!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your challenges and successes.

    Karl – Internet Marketing Applied

    • Reg Ervin says:

      Thanks for the voice of support. I will be finishing the challenge. Funny, I’ve had a few other challenges I’ve had to deal with so these were shifted to the back. Thanks for popping in…

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