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Here We Go…

It started as an idea last Friday during a call with my accountability partner and came to fruition on Memorial day: Setting Up Amazon SES: A Step-By-Step Guide. And as of today, it is available in the JVZoo Marketplace ( Here\’s why I think this is special… Up to this point, most of my products have been PLR products that I\’ve purchased. This one, on the other hand, was produced by my efforts. In keeping with the training, I\’ve received from individuals who have been very successful online, at some point you\’ll want to produce your own product. For me, this was that product.

After spending quite a bit of time trying to figure this out, it dawned on me if I was having trouble someone else would too. So will someone find this useful? I don\’t know. A part of me wonders how it will be received.

Time will tell…

Have you created your first product? How did you discover it? Did you experience any anxiety when you released it?

Let me know in the comments.

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Reg Ervin

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2 thoughts on “Here We Go…”

  1. Hi Reg,

    Congratulations on launching your first product! Fantastic news and I’m sure it would be a nerve-racking experience.

    Now, I don’t know what Amazon SES is…I’m a newbie so still just understanding the basics here.

    To your success,

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