Connecting The Rapid Mailer/Amazon SES Email Updated for 2023

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Updated: 29 May, 2023

This week has been exhaustingly thrilling. Having committed to using Rapid Mailer(TM) as the platform for email on this blog, I had to get to work figuring out how to connect the dots and get the environment set up. The first challenge was how do I connect it to Amazon SES(TM) to take advantage of the incredible pricing. Think about it… with SES I can do a campaign of 10,000 for as little as $1. With AWeber, that same mailing would cost me significantly more.

One thing I’ve always felt (and maybe it’s just me) Amazon has some really great services but understanding how to implement them can be about as clear as mud. I did a search for ‘how to set up Amazon SES’ but didn’t find anything useful.

After much trial and error and lots of persistence, I figured it out! I’m happy to say that I’ve got Rapid Mailer(TM) connected and sending through Amazon SES(TM). As a result, a new product is born: ‘Setting Up Amazon SES(TM) — A Step-By-Step Guide‘ at the $7 price point.

What challenges have encountered and overcome this week?

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  • 21 October, 2014


    I just bought rapid mailer yesterday but i cant seem to make it work with amazon SES.

    Can you teach me how?

    I use hostgator shared hosting, baby croc

    Really appreciate your help


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