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Why Use The Link Master Plugin

The Link Master plugin is a must-have plugin especially if you're involved in affiliate marketing. This plugin was created by Brett Rutecky to help solve the problem of vendors taking your most valuable asset, your leads, without compensating you for them!

The plugin helps protect your links in several ways. One of the key ways it does this is by protecting your assets from being captured in on-exit popups. After you've sent your lead to the sales page, these popups gather their information by offering a free gift to add your lead to their list without you being compensated.

I use it to keep my traffic on my own site using the 'Internal Redirect' option. Instead of these popups, for instance, luring these customers away to the vendor's site, they instead see an offer that I present. There are other ways this plugin helps protect your links. Check out the video to see more ways this plugin helps manage your links.

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