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Where Did The Day Go?

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Let's take a look Here it 12 hours later and what did I accomplish today? Actually, very little. Today was one of those days when life happens. While dealing with life happening though, I did get a chance to reflect on a few things. One of the main things is, what do I want to do? You see, I love Internet marketing. When I think of the various ways to create an income, I find so many of thing so exciting. Think about it. There's CPA, affiliate, membership sites, domain flipping (the one thing that doesn't do anything for me) […]

Earn From Home

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Ever Thought About Earning Money From The Internet? I think many people have but don?t know where to start. Here are some programs that I have found that make it possible over time. These will not make you rich overnight, or over the weekend, if ever. Instead, if you persistently work at it the potential is there to earn. The EZ Money Method  From the first time I saw this, I knew I wanted to be involved. The product it provides was one I needed at an affordable price. When I saw I could spend $7 and protect all my […]

Best Motivational Speech – Secrets To Success

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Time To Focus On The List

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Well Saturday is almost here and at 9:00 a.m. CDT the 'Oktoberfest JV Giveaway' begins. So it's time to get my emails setup and load in the different places. I'll be looking for a few people to join my list through my gift, but I'll also be looking for other worthwhile gifts I can use down the road.

Time To Build A List

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First order of business for today is to start building a list. This probably one of the most talked about and misunderstood topics in Internet marketing. How do you get someone to surrender their contact info?