22 Social Review – It’s Changing Everything

If we had this conversation a year ago, I would have said I was out of my mind... I'm moving my business website to Facebook. Whoa, what? Yeah, you read it right... I will be moving it to Facebook and I'm excited. Here's why...

Until recently I have never been a fan of Facebook; it's always been a kind of necessary evil to stay update on family (primarily kids and grandkids) activities. Beyond that I don't find a lot of 'stimulating' discussions on there.

Because of that I never gave any real consideration as a business tool... until now.

The 22 Social app has changed everything for me. It is an app that allows you to create and install your own customized Facebook app in 3 clicks! I've set up Facebook apps manually and it certainly took more than 3 clicks.

Not only is it easy to install, it's easy to customize. There are themes where you can control the layout and tools to control the formatting.

It is well suited for entrepreneurs, marketers, networkers, realtors, and diy small business owners.

Building a mailing list is one task that so many fail to do, thus limiting their ability to follow-up on expressed interest. With the 22 Social app that capability is built in. When the customer clicks on your call to action button, they are added to the Social Relationship Manager (SRM).

Now when you have future promotions or information that may be of interest to them, you can put a piece together and send it.

For me my favorite part is where Google+ Hangouts and Facebook virality combine. Hosting a hangout within Facebook is genius!

So, why not give a try? I would love to hear your experience using it. Leave a comment below.

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