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Oh What A Week

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It’s Called ‘Life’ The past week has not been a picnic. There’s this thing called life that we’re all living and the fact of the matter is, it’s not always fun. There are things that come up that throw us for loops and can really be a challenge to overcome. I’ve had such a week.

Success – How Bad Do You Want It? (Part 2) Updated for 2022

In the first video, we learned about the 3 secrets to success. Today we get a demonstration of what that looks like.

Success – How Bad Do You Want It? Updated for 2022

In this video, we learn about the 3 secrets to success.

Where Did The Day Go?

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Let’s take a look Here it 12 hours later and what did I accomplish today? Actually, very little. Today was one of those days when life happens. While dealing with life happening though, I did get a chance to reflect on a few things. One of the main things is, what do I want to do? You see, I love Internet marketing. When I think of the various ways to create an income, I find so many of thing so exciting. Think about it. There’s CPA, affiliate, membership sites, domain flipping (the one thing that doesn’t do anything for me) […]

The 10K Challenge Review – Why It Changed My Online Business

The 10K Challenge Review is for those individuals who have all but given their lives to building their online business. It for people who are spending 8, 9, 12 hours a day working to get their product or service before the browsing public. Wasn’t the goal to build an online business and fire your boss and work at your leisure and only when you wanted? When did it become this all-consuming venture that sucks up time like a vacuum?
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