Oh What A Week

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It\’s Called \’Life\’

The past week has not been a picnic. There\’s this thing called life that we\’re all living and the fact of the matter is, it\’s not always fun. There are things that come up that throw us for loops and can really be a challenge to overcome. I\’ve had such a week.

The Impact

Internet marketing is a challenge all it\’s own; it doesn\’t need any outside help to throw you. But I think it\’s something that gets in your blood as well. As I was telling someone earlier in the week, \’I must be too dumb to quit\’. But that\’s not a bad thing I hope. When challenges come up (and they will), that\’s when you find out how bad you want it.

The week\’s challenges have had me at times thinking, \’what\’s the use? After all this time you\’ve still haven\’t made any real money, so how long are you going to keep kidding yourself?\’ At those times though I think back to Napoleon Hill\’s book \’Think And Grow Rich\’ and remember the section on \’3 feet from gold\’. It would be so easy to quit, but then what? Spend the rest of my life working for someone else? letting them put the value on my time? NO! I\’ve got to do this!

So Where Am I?

It\’s time to move to step 3 – $100. I did manage to make $17 this week (which is 17 more than I had). Frustrated? You bet but I\’ve got to work through this.

The giveaway that I signed up for last week was a bust; not even 1 sign up. In fact, the giveaway account got suspended and I couldn\’t sign in to check my progress. After that, I stopped sending traffic so that opp is gone.

There\’s a new starting tomorrow (http://listbuildersjv.com/TIMS1/go/101/jv) and I\’m going to give it another go.

In my offline activity, I failed to generate any interest in a discount I offered on a five-page mobile site, so I\’ve got to figure out a better way to promote them.

For now, I\’ll just fail forward and upward. What about you? How did your week go?

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Reg Ervin

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4 thoughts on “Oh What A Week”

  1. Hey Reg.

    My week started with my revealing my blog, You and Paul Flood are the only ones who’ve had a look, no worries mate. i was a little apprehensive about letting people critique it and I shouldn’t have been. My site is a work in progress, I’m learning all over again after doing nothing for the last 9 months.

    Enjoying it this time:-)

    Take Care mate and, good luck with the next venture.


    1. Thanks for stopping in. I’m sure we’ll all grow as we go through this process. There’s going to be the good, bad, and ugly before it’s all over. Mine is also a work in progress as I find my voice.

  2. Amazing how that pesky thing called “life” gets in the way of things! LOL I feel your pain Reg…. I actually felt guilty about taking my daughter trick or treating for halloween and missing a webinar. Then I felt guilty for feeling guilty! My poor 3 year old deserved my attention too!

    You are right though… It’s in our blood I think. We just need to learn how to find the right balance…

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