It’s July And Downhill From Here

It's hard to believe that today marks the beginning of the second half of the year. It really seems like it was just last month that the year was beginning. And now we're headed into part 2. So what did I manage to accomplish the first half of the year?

Really, not much. At least not as much as I started the year off wanting to get done.

I was able to finally get stable hosting set up and can start promoting products again with worrying about the site?going down.

Along with that I have gotten my products set up on Clickbank and set up other products on JVZoo. I've even managed to create my own first product.

Now it's time to start driving traffic and building my email list. Which brings me to my focus for July.

In July It's crucial for me to get to work on building a list. I've heard it for years. I've said I would do it and got distracted by other things. This time IT HAS TO HAPPEN!

I've heard too many coaches and successful marketers say if they lost?everything in their businesses but?were left only with their list, they would be back in business in no time.

I'm looking at my online business. I have several products that I can offer. But who am I going to offer them to?

It's really time to build!

What are working on for July? How has the year treated you so far?

I'd love to hear you progress in the comments...

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