Detour For The Month Of August

The tradition continues (from last year). For the month of August, all my blog posts will be on my Google+ profile. For the month I will be participating in the Blogs of August challenge. I\’ll see you back here on 1 Sep. Why not join us? Look here for more details:

It\’s July And Downhill From Here

It\’s hard to believe that today marks the beginning of the second half of the year. It really seems like it was just last month that the year was beginning. And now we\’re headed into part 2. So what did I manage to accomplish the first half of the year?

I\’m Leaving Aweber…

I\’m leaving Aweber but it\’s not them, it\’s me. For the time I\’ve been with them they have actually been a great company to work with. If that\’s the case then why am I leaving?

Locking It Down

This week I put the last of the security tweaks in place since I\’ve changed hosts. WordPress is such a huge target because so many sites are built with it. For me me there are two plugins that get installed as soon as I install a site. They are…

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