So It Starts…

As the day ends, I look back on it and can say I accomplished a few things. It’s going to be kinda like the guy who pulls semis — you put a lot effort in getting it started, but if you persevere, momentum kicks in a makes it easier.

One of the main things I did today was protecting my blog. As soon as I got it installed, I backed it up using Backup Creator. There’s so many bots and as much tinkering as I’ll be doing to it, I don’t want to loose the work I’ve invested. I also plan on using this backup as a base for installing other sites. This is pretty bare-bones so I can use it as the starting point for other blogs or for clients.

I also decided to install this on my Host Then Profit?account. I have had the service for a few months and so far only used the auto responder. Since I plan on promoting this as one of my revenue streams, I really need to know if it works. And it does.

I must say, initially I was put off because I was unfamiliar with the process for creating accounts. But after working through it, it’s not so bad. One thing I appreciate is ‘Blogger Builder’ which puts a ‘kinder’ interface to working with WordPress, which will come in handy for a new person.

So that’s a good start for today. Over the next few days things are going to grow and change, and so will I.

Follow along on this journey and feel free to ‘like and share’ it with others.

Reg Ervin

Skype/gTalk: regervin

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