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My New Traffic Source

What a busy week so far! There have been some exciting things going on and it just doesn't seem like I've got enough time to do it all. But that's about to change...

As I stated at the beginning of the month, I primary focus for this month is to begin to build my email list. This is a long over-looked activity but now I really have to make that a priority.

To that end, I have been looking for ways to get my offers in front of eyes and I actually came across a 'game' that will help.

It's called 'Empire Avenue' and it has been really interesting. It came to my attention via an email offer ( What really got my attention was the ability to build my social audience free of charge? Okay, in the end, you do pay with 'time'.

By working on the site for as little as 30 minutes a day, I can essentially recruit a team of people to help me promote my social sites, products & services, and yes, my opt-in pages.

Take a look at my profile page:

I'll keep you posted on how #EmpireAvenue is going. What about you? How are things?

Let me know in the comments...

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6 Responses to “My New Traffic Source”

  1. That looks interesting Reg, I’d not heard of it before – keep us updated with how it goes!

  2. Hi Reg,

    This looks interesting, eecially the ability to build your social audience. I have seen a couple things like this before, but they didn’t really help with “targeted” traffic, so I look forward to seeing the results. 🙂

    Dave H

    • Reg Ervin says:

      Hi Dave – the targeting is going to come from the way you set up your missions (the kind of help you ask for) and through the relationships you build.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. LeslieZ says:

    Reg, How does this work for targeted traffic? I did go take a look at the website but it really isn’t explained there.

    This does look like something worth checking out if you get targeted traffic.

    Let me know. Thanks.


    • Reg Ervin says:

      Hi LeslieZ… here’s the short answer. Through your social activity you accumulate virtual currency called eaves. One way to spend this currency is by creating missions for other EA members to accomplish.

      In the mission description you could state that you would like help promoting your webpage to a particular group of people for example. You state that the mission pays let’s say 10,000 eaves. The other members would visit the page (they in turn receive the eaves) and promote it.

      Please note this is a simplified way to explain it. Hope this helps…

  4. Oh I have heard of this from Kimberley C she is always talking about it but you explained in terms of traffic. I will be looking forward to learning about your progress with this

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