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Buying and selling domain names is a very lucrative business but 70% of people fail to make good money because they lack knowledge of how it is done. A lot of people hear that you can buy a domain and sell it but never have any luck because they just buy any domain and think it should sell. There is more to this business than buying domain names out of the blue and trying to sell them.

You can make money flipping domain names if:

  • You research the domain names people have searched for and it\’s available.
  • Choose the most profitable domain directory.
  • You don\’t sell the domain too cheap.
  • Learn from the most skilled professionals already doing it.

In order to sell a domain name that people want you must have a demand for the name. One way to find out what the demand is; you should search the database and see what people have searched for in the past. You must then check to see if that domain is still available. Sometimes when you search for an available domain you will find that someone has purchased it and wants to sell it for thousands of dollars.

The trick is to wait out the seller of the domain because if they don\’t sell it in a certain time they will let the domain expire. Once it expires you can buy it for the usual cheap rate that domain names usually sell.

Choose The Right Directory

There are a couple of recommended domain name services where you can benefit from that people trust buying from. GoDaddy and NameCheap are the 2 majors directories. I would stay away from generic services that aren\’t popular because people may not buy from you for a lack of trust.

Don\’t sell your domain too cheap either because if someone really wants it they will buy it paying a few thousand dollars. There is nothing wrong with buying a domain name for 10.00 and flipping it for 400.00, this will be a big profit but make sure you don\’t sell yourself short.

Get a Free Video Course and Learn The Right Way

There is no sense in going at this blindly and wasting your time and money. Learn how to make money by flipping domain names the right way and save yourself from losing time and money. I recommend this free 7 video module course that will get your foot in the door fast.

Now get out there and start flipping domains and turn it into a long-time business.

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